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Syd Drapkin started playing music at a very young age. Studying piano up until High School, Syd competed in competitions and even played piano for her school’s assemblies. Once she entered High School, she switched instruments and never once looked back. Her father had guitars and basses laying around the house when she was growing up, but it wasn’t until then that she taught herself how to play. Once Syd graduated High school, she had already played with Raven Black (formally known as The Raven Black Project) and members of Levinia (former project, Aerius) as well as competed in metal shows. In 2015, Syd graduated from Musicians Institute for Audio Engineering in Live Sound Production. It was through MI, that Syd got excepted into internships programs at Fairfax Recordings and WAVA Studios (in Burbank, CA). After some time away from the Studio, Syd worked on her musicianship hoping to find a new, heavier project. It wasn’t until 2016 that Syd found Stephen Terrazas and Anthony Ortiz from The Human Extinction. This was a major stepping stone for her as she taught herself how to play six-string bass. After working with group for a solid year, the deathcore band, THX (The Human Extinction) happily became Legator Artists. A little while later, they met up with Robert from Arachnid cabinets and became signed with [him] too. Now, Syd plays six-string bass in The Human Extinction and in the melodic metal band, The Crown Remnant. Her favorite bands are In This Moment, Jinjer, After the Burial and Primus. Her musical idols are Les Claypool and Eugene Kostyuk

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