Frequently Asked Questions

Do the cabs come loaded?

Yes. Prices shown reflect a fully functioning, ready to play cabinet.

What speakers come in the cabs?

As an authorized Eminence dealer we include Texas Heats, Man O Wars, and a combination of the two stock in all our guitar cabs and Deltas in all our bass cabs.

Do you refurbish cabs?

If you are relatively local, yes.

Will you put your upgrade options in my cabs?

Aside from Tolex, grille cloth and Steel Mesh, No. I will not put art mesh, my duratex splatters or LED Halo System into your non Arachnid Cabinet.

Do you offer endorsement deals?

Yes. We offer what we call "Brand Ambassador" deals. Please gather your electronic press kit and email:

What do your cabinets cost?

1: Please select the "Cabinet Configuration" button in the menu, 2: Click on the image of the instrument you play, 3: Click on any of the cabinet images that represents the speaker configuration you'd like and observe pricing.

Will you make me an unloaded cab?

No. Arachnid no longer offers unloaded cabs of 2021

What is your turn around time?

1-1.5 months now that Eminence has opened factory back up. Some speakers are still elusive so it might be a 2 month turn around based on some speakers e.g. the Eminence DV77s

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Please review warranty information under "Contact" tab.